Stroll into Darkness Postmortem

Stroll into Darkness was a solo project that was made to experiment with sound and pictures, to deliver a horror experience, without conventional sonic and visual jump scare elements. My hope is to collect feedback from players, because along with a friend of mine, we will actually be using this feedback for another game we are making.

Pictures were discovered around the place I was living, strolling around the streets.

When you create a sound FX you have to measure the impact it has to you. You need to listen to it and if it can cause you the feeling you need it to cause, then you hope that other people will also have similar experience. The same principle applies to music but music is more complex. Music has the power to cause emotions. It can dive you into a state of mind, it can set the mood. You have to make the music as much close as you can, to what you want to pass as a feeling or mood. That was a pretty big challenge.

The story was ready in my mind. It is a tiny demo of a bigger idea anyway. You have the delusion of choice during the whole story. Replaying it will show you that only details might be different. The outcome is the same.  After all, it is just a small story. 

The game has typos and text issues that are now handled by someone that text proofs the game at this very moment. Soon there will be an updated version for everyone to enjoy.

I think that Nanoreno2019 gave me some experience on how to handle my time more efficiently. That's the best thing I got from the experience and of course the satisfaction of the accomplishment. The game is ready.

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Apr 04, 2019

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